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Elevated garden viewing platform.

A high viewing platform with staircase, square deck and handrails in a garden with topiary shrubs, low box hedging and cherub statue.

When a mature ash tree had to be cut to let in light, our customers decided they would like to make it into a feature.

We worked with their ideas to design and build the viewing platform, intended for use by adults to enjoy good weather and take in the view of the church on the Hill of Tara across the fields. Steps lead to the square timber deck which is finished with larch handrails and balustrades.

Before we started work. The tree had been cut by a tree surgeon as it was blocking light from the garden and house.

Multi trunks of ash tree after cutting. Lawn and hedge in foreground, ladder, timber and workbench with saw on the lawn.
Tree trunk showing cross beams for the sub frame of the timber deck.

Building the sub structure for the timber deck. The deck is supported by the trunk of the tree.

The platform was designed so that the cut trunks would come up through the deck. The subframe had to be quite elaborate to accommodate the multi branched trunk. 

Deck subframe showing multi branched trunk coming up through the centre.
Trunk and underside of deck.

View from underneath the platform with the decking timbers in place.

The staircase braces the deck and is finished, like the deck itself, with Siberian larch handrails and ballustrades.

View of the timber staircase showing part of upper deck and larch handrails.
Deck of viewing platform with  handrails showing table made from tree trunk and field in the distance.

The deck area is 3m x 2.5m, space for relaxing and even a spot of entertaining. The trunk makes the perfect base for a rustic table.

    Looking towards the top of the staircase, the platform gives a great bird's eye view of the lovely garden. 

Looking down through the wooden handrail of the tree deck towards the garden
View of sky and sunset from the viewing plaform showing corner of deck and handrail in foreground.

Looking towards the Hill of Tara, the platform makes a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the sunset.

The viewing platform seen from the field on the other side of the garden boundary.

Viewing platform in distance surrounded by tree and with grass in foreground

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