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Space saving treehouse in a city garden

A multi function treehouse and storage shed combination for smaller spaces.

Our clients wanted to replace their existing shed and use the space for a treehouse with an elevated playhouse and balcony above, and a storage shed below. We designed and built the structure from pressure treated timber, to incorporate an existing tree, create privacy and maximise space in an urban garden.

The lower level is the storage shed, the window is in the playhouse above. The door of the playhouse is just visible through the balcony handrail.

View of treehouse showing the lower section, door, balcony and part of handrail. Upper window is visible through leafy branch.
Low sun reflecting on tree trunk, deck and top of staircase

Looking away from the playhouse door to the tip of the steps. The ash tree and timbers take on a lovely glow as the sun goes down.

The tree trunk comes up through the deck, and the ballustrades are designed to allow the branches to pass through.

Deck with hole cut around the trunk of the tree. Handrail ballustrades are designed to parallel the branch and allow it to pass through.
Front of balcony showing top of staircase and tree above.

The balcony includes a pulley for bringing things up from below, and the rope ladder and swing are attached by carabinas used for rock climbing. The panelled wall of the deck creates privacy.

The handrail for the steps was designed with different levels to be suitable even for the youngest child.

View of from staircase showing balcony, wooden panelling and upper level of treehouse.
Shows treehouse decorated with bunting, with grassed area in front, and children playing.

This final image was sent to us by our clients after they added grass to the garden, and the children have made the treehouse their own.

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