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The climbing club house - a space to climb without a tree.

A garden room for growing children with an indoor climbing wall and veranda for elevated play.
This play room project included full insulation, exterior larch cladding, opening windows and a skylight. Our entirely bespoke design incorporated the features on our clients' wish list in a style to suit their home and taste.

Steps and a slide provide access up to and down from the veranda, insulation keeps the inside cosy after dark. The build was completed with lights and plug sockets to create a bright space for fun, study and sleepovers. 

The modern design was given a smart and durable exterior finish with Siberian larch cladding, which is long lasting as well as being weather and insect resistant.

The door and left hand window are tempered glass, opening windows near the climbing wall are made of perspex for safety. To the right and opposite are the two walls that make up the climbing area.

Looking in from the veranda window. Taken from the door in the previous picture, the photo shows part of the climbing area, which also covers the adjoining wall to the left of the picture and a third of the ceiling.

Looking down through the wooden handrail of the tree deck towards the house.

The sklight lets in plenty of daylight.This photo also shows the depth of the walls and ceiling. These were both waterproofed with breathable membrane and filled with 150mm rockwool insulation before finishing with interior cladding.

Over 200 holes were drilled in the climbing wall panels in different patterns so the holds can be moved to provide a constant variety of climbing options.

Looking down through the wooden handrail of the tree deck towards the house.

The two internal lights illuminate the climbing area so it can be used even on dark winter evenings.

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