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Children's treehouse in Morello cherry tree.

VIew of treehouse through the main branches showing door and window

How to build a treehouse with minimum impact on the tree? This was the question that inspired the design of this treehouse, nestled in the branches of a mature morello cherry tree, built to incorporate the tree without putting strain on the branches. A sturdy deck supports the rustic style playhouse which is constructed so that it could be dismantled to just leave the deck if need be as the children grow older.

The treehouse and deck make it easier to get up into the branches of the tree, with branches coming up through the deck and out through the walls of the playhouse.

Constructing the subframe for the decking timbers on which the playhouse will be built. The frame supports the structure to lessen the imapact on the tree.

Lengths of Douglas fir timber in workshop with sanding and planing tools
Treehouse sidewall studwork build in progress, shows tools and timber offcuts

The decking timbers are laid with cut out sections around the tree branches. The maturity of the tree means any further growth will be slow.

Constructing the studwork for the side wall around the branches of the tree. The playhouse is acessed by using the ladder to climb into the tree branches.

Childrens treehouse build in progress
Treehouse side wall with window and branch coming out through the cladding.

Both windows are glazed with clear perspex for safety. The free standing platform lifts the playhouse up into the branches for that real leafy treehouse experience.

The finished treehouse has windows on two sides and is big enough for an adult to enter to keep an eye on things.

treehouse on raised platform showing two walls, ladder and branches.
Children's treehouse in garden from a distance showing the whole of the cherry tree

The treehouse in it's garden setting. The low impact design means the tree still looks lovely from the house.

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