Garden Structures

Bespoke & made to measure.

Garden building design & construction in wood & steel. 

Your imagination is our work.

We design & build treehouses, playhouses, cabins, sheds, pergolas, decks, gates, & more throughout Ireland. We specialise in custom, one off builds to suit your space & purpose.



Buildings in and around trees will be as unique as the trees themselves. Supported by one or more trees or freestanding amongst the branches, different solutions will suit different gardens. A site visit is essential to assess the tree/s and space before we begin the design.

Get in touch to arrange a site visit or send us photos of your tree/s and space.


Garden buildings

Our garden buildings are all bespoke so ideal if you're looking for something different from the standard playhouse or cabin, or need something to fit an awkward space. The choice of materials and level of finish is up to you. All kinds of extra features can be included to make the design your own.

View some of our recent garden building projects.


Other structures

From planters and benches to gates and railings, we custom build all kinds of garden structures from timber and steel.  More
For smaller structures we can often provide a quote over the phone or by email if you're very specific about the size, materials and style you'd like.

Contact us with details and/or a picture, or fill in our enquiry form with as much info as possible.

Building your ideas into your space.

View our inspiration gallery for ideas to transform your garden.

Tree deck built around branches with hand rail.

Bespoke design 

We work with you to plan a design that makes the most of your existing space.

Our design process.

We assess your space and requirements, then design according to your wishes. For larger one of a kind projects drawings will be part of the process. A variety of timbers and other materials are possible depending on your project.

Your options.

You decide the level of finish you want, from the basic structure or shell only, to including insulation, interior fixing and fittings. We've incorporated cat flaps and a climbing wall into recent projects, and can include slides or other extra features.

Learn more about what we do - view some of our recent projects.

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